TOEFL Preparation course, Native (40 classes)


Description of the classes package

Number of classes in a package: 40 classes (individual)

Class duration: 50 min

Specialization: TOEFL preparation

Customized TOEFL program: We assess your needs and current English level and create a learning program just for you

Teacher’s category: Native

One class cost: $66,8



TOEFL is a test of knowledge and understanding of academic English. Designed for students whose native language is not English and intend to continue their education in another country. For example, in universities in the USA, Canada, most European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Asian countries. The certificate is valid for two years (24 months).

What are the main formats for conducting TOEFL?
Knowledge and skills are tested in 4 sections: reading, listening, speaking, writing. Formats:
– TOEFL Paper-based Test (PBT) – a paper version of the test. Today it is considered a less popular format, and is saved only in some Asian and African countries;
– TOEFL Internet-based Test (IBT) – Internet test. Considered the preferred format as many universities and organizations request it;
– TOEFL Essentials – an interactive online test. Appeared relatively recently and is only gaining popularity. In addition to checking in 4 sections, at the end of testing, the student records a 5-minute video message. The exam has a multi-stage adaptive methodology.

Why take the TOEFL?
It may be useful to you if you are planning to:
– enter a higher educational institution;
– participate in international exchange programs and internships;
– immigrate;
– apply for a work and student visa;
– execute grants, scholarships.

The TOEFL course will help you:
– get an idea of what the test looks like and what it consists of;
– understand the differences between English and British English;
– learn to read and understand specialized books, articles, magazines, scientific papers;
– master the skills of oral and written speech;
– effectively analyze information and clearly convey their thoughts in English.

Who this course is for:
This course is for students who are preparing to take or retake the TOEFL test.

Teachers: eTalk has lots of trained and vetted TOEFL teachers


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