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English Level Tests

Check your English level in 10 minutes

This assessment is designed to help determine your English Level and each level test consists of 20 questions.

You will be given a time limit of 10 minutes to answer as many questions as possible.

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Elementary (A1)

At this level you can have a simple conversation, explain your problem and ask for help. This level is enough for a short trip abroad.

Pre-Intermediate (A2)

At a pre-intermediate level (CEFR A2) in English, you can understand and use basic expressions related to everyday situations. You’re able to communicate about personal information, daily routines, and simple tasks. Additionally, you can comprehend simple texts and engage in short, uncomplicated conversations on familiar topics.

Intermediate (B1)

The intermediate level allows you to speak with native speakers on general topics and state your opinion. You can use English at work and watch movies with subtitles.

Upper-Intermediate (B2)

It is possible to reach the Above Average level only with a strong motivation. Now you can travel comfortably, communicate fluently with native speakers, and read books in the original (sometimes underlining unfamiliar words).

Note: If you score below 50%, please try a test at a lower level. If you score above 50%, also consider trying a higher-level test. This will provide us with a clearer picture of your current English proficiency level.