English language preparation course

for University & College Pathways

eTalk offers an English Language Preparation (ELP) course for Pathways that prepares students for admission to bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Canada.

After completion of the ELP pathway program (achieving eTalk’s level 6-7/IELTS 5-5.5/ CLB 6-7) students can transfer to University & College Pathways at the partners ESL provider across Canada (ILAC, Hansa, Canadian College and etc.).

Then once the University & College Pathways is completed and get the minimum language requriement – students can enter several Canadian universities and colleges. Students do not have to write the TOEFL or IELTS exams.

The list of Canadian universities & colleges depending on chosen ESL Pathway provider in Canada.

Conditional Admission

After completing the CollegesUniversity Pathway Program from one of our partnered ESL providers in Canada, students will have met the required English language proficiency standards. Nevertheless, to gain admission to our partnered universities and colleges, students are required to submit a separate application and provide all necessary academic documents. At eTalk International Education, we provide assistance throughout the application process.

A1 Beginner

eTalk’s level 1

A1 Elementary

eTalk’s level 2


A2 Pre Intermediate

eTalk’s level 3 – 4

CELPIP 3 – 4

B1 Intermediate

eTalk’s level 5 – 6

IELTS 4 – 5

CELPIP 5 – 6

B2 Upper Intermediate

eTalk’s level 7 – 8

IELTS 5.5 – 6.5

CELPIP 7 – 8

C1 Advanced

eTalk’s level 9 – 10

IELTS 7 – 8

CELPIP 9 – 10

C2 Proficient

eTalk’s level 11 – 12

IELTS 8.5 – 9

CELPIP 11- 12