Free English language courses

for refugees from Ukraine

Classes available for kids and adults

Professional English language teachers

Free of charge

Free English language courses for refugees from Ukraine

The courses are due to start soon, but registration is already open. The course duration is l16 classes (8 weeks). English classes will be held by eTalk online school volunteer teachers.

This initiative is designed to help Ukrainian refugees adapt to the English-speaking environment quickly or use English in a new country for work purposes.

eTalk Global expresses its full support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people!

Who can apply?

Every Ukrainian over the age of 7 who, fleeing the war, found themselves in different countries of the world can become a student of the English language course.
To enroll in the course you need to fill out a form

We offer English language courses for beginners

A new intake will be announced soon

Classes are held online twice a week for 60 minutes

Learning materials will be provided

Classes are organized on the Zoom platform

Note: A detailed class schedule will be provided soon.

What to do:

• Submit a form
• Wait for e-mail confirmation from eTalk