English Level B1

Intermediate В1

Level B1 is the intermediate threshold for learning English and the third indicator on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) scale.

General characteristic:

  • Good understanding and use of English at the everyday level.
  • Composing coherent sentences and creating clarifying questions and answers.
  • Understanding and applying knowledge of the English tenses.
  • In communicating with native speakers, the emphasis is on everyday and familiar topics.
  • Easy reading of adapted literature, reading comprehension and analysis.
  • A clear expression of your opinion and justification of your views.

At this level, there is an expansion of both lexical and grammatical topics, as well as an emphasis on conversational practice.

The grammatical topics that are studied at this stage: Present/Past/Future (Simple, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous) their features and characteristics, state and action verbs, modal verbs, passive voice, conditional sentences, indirect speech features, defining words, use of articles, gerunds, etc.

The lexical topics that are studied at this stage: hobbies, movies, TV shows, the music industry, morals, social and world issues, relationships, technology, sports, finance, health, work.

At the end of the English B1 level you will be able to:

  • master basic business vocabulary;
  • communicate on a wide range of topics using correct grammatical forms and new words;
  • increase speed of speech;
  • to perceive the fluent speech of native speakers;
  • read and analyze the literature you have read;
  • write reviews, stories, articles, business letters;
  • take the Cambridge Exams PET.

Tips for raising the level:

  • Sign up for the “Business English course: Writing, Presentation, Networking”, “Grammar Guru”, “Street English“. This will allow you to increase your vocabulary and learn useful skills.
  • Prepare for the Cambridge Exams FCE.
  • Find more speaking practice. Communicate with native speakers on social networks and in real life, study with a Native teacher.
  • Read more often, listen to audiobooks or podcasts in English.
  • Write texts on topics of interest.
  • Watch English-language news programs, TV shows, movies, and TV series that you like.

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