English for Careers: HR, Near Native (10 classes)


Description of the classes package

Number of classes in a package: 10 classes (individual)

Class duration: 50 min

Specialisation: English for HR

Customized “English for Careers: HR” program: We assess your needs and current English level and create a learning program just for you

Teacher’s category: Near Native

One class cost: $29,8

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An HR specialist is the main link between the employer and the applicant, as well as the face of the company, and the main tool in the selection, adaptation and retention of employees.
English for HR includes common English words, specific business vocabulary and professional terminology.

Who is the “English for Careers: HR” course for?
– recruiters;
– HR managers;
– employees of the personnel department;
– training and development managers;
– HR analytics managers;
– administrators, HR directors, private entrepreneurs.

The “English for Careers: HR” course will help you:
– replenish vocabulary with thematic terms and phrases;
– understand colloquial speech and speak freely;
– read professional literature;
– conduct business correspondence;
– identify the needs of the company or organization;
– qualitatively evaluate candidates;
– conduct interviews with English-speaking applicants;
– understand HR programs and information systems;
– understand topics such as: salary and benefits, recruitment and personnel management;
– and finally, build a career in an international company.


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