English for IT: Communication, Near Native (10 classes)


Description of the classes package

Number of classes in a package: 10 classes (individual)

Class duration: 50 min

Specialization: English for IT

Customized “English for IT: Communication” program: We assess your needs and current English level and create a learning program just for you

Teacher’s category: Near Native

One class cost: €14,5


IT English is a type of technical English that includes specific grammar and vocabulary, with an emphasis on the specifics of the IT field.

What will the course “English for IT: Communication” give you?
– pumping communication skills and preparing for a successful interview in the best IT companies;
– confidence in communication with foreign customers, developers, colleagues;
– replenishment of vocabulary and analysis of terms necessary for programming;
– competent writing of working e-mail;
– the opportunity to watch and participate in international conferences related to the IT sphere;
– the ability to correctly present a product or idea;
– 100% guarantee of salary increase at times.

Recommended entry level knowledge of English grammar (A2).

Who is the course “English for IT: Communication” suitable for?:
– IT-specialists and beginners who want to develop in this area;
– Managers in the IT field;
– Recruiters;
– Students.

Teachers: eTalk has lots of trained and vetted English for IT


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