Grammar Guru, Near Native (10 classes)


Description of the classes package

Number of classes in a package: 10 classes (individual)

Class duration: 50 min

Specialization: Grammar Guru

Customized “Grammar Guru” program: We assess your needs and current English level and create a learning program just for you

Teacher’s category: Near Native

One class cost: €14,5


English grammar is considered one of the most complex sciences, which includes a huge number of rules and numerous exceptions to them. But still, without it, nowhere, because it is the basis of the language.
That’s why eTalk has created a unique “Grammar Guru” course to help you:
– understand temporary constructions;
– to understand the rules and terms;
– master grammar at the level of words and sentences;
– work out all 4 language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking;
– improve your grammar from beginner to advanced level.

Who is this course for:
The course is suitable for both beginners and those who already have experience in learning English.


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