English through songs, Near Native (10 classes)


Description of the classes package

Number of classes in a package: 10 classes (individual)

Class duration: 50 min

Specialization: English through songs

Customized “English through songs” program: We assess your needs and current English level and create a learning program just for you

Teacher’s category: Near Native

One class cost: $29,8


Are you learning English from scratch, or are you bored with insipid lessons? Try to learn English with music and songs!

Songs are a great source of “real” language, and the practice of many different language skills. Learning is easier when we have fun, especially to our favorite songs.

The “English through songs” course will help you:
– replenish vocabulary;
– learn informal, everyday English;
– practice speaking and pronunciation;
– develop reading, writing and listening skills;
– express yourself;
– remove the clamps and constraint that interfere with learning so much.

Who is this course for:
This course is suitable for students, children and adults whose native language is not English.


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