Are you a first-time international student who recently started studying in Canada? Are you overwhelmed by the stress of unfamiliarity and unsure how to handle academic subjects? Would you like some help ensuring you can effectively manage the academic workload in your first year?

eTalk Tutoring Support service for the first-year-college degree International students is specifically tailored for students like you.

We understand your needs may vary, and we will assign the appropriate tutor as appropriate. Whether you require tutors for specific subjects (Math, Science or others), Academic English, or guidance from recent graduates who have completed similar studies – we’ve GOT YOU COVERED.

You can choose a Tutoring Support plan ranging from 1-10 regular weekly lessons with a fixed schedule. Alternatively, you can opt for a flexible package from 20 lessons up to 60 lessons (50 minutes each).


1-2 year international college/university students

An upper-Intermediate (B2) level is required


Live video classes via My eTalk

All сlasses are held on the platform with video, audio, digital materials

1-on-1 with LIVE tutors

Individual lessons with a professional tutors. We match you with a tutor according to your needs

50 min for adults

Duration of one lesson. During this time the maximum concentration


Computer, laptop, or tablet with a broadband connection of 10mbs or more.

Headphones, a microphone, and a webcam.

Tutoring without the hassle

From scheduling lessons to organizing payment – everything’s in one place

Booking a lesson

Arrange tutoring at a time

that suits you.


Re-scheduling lessons is easily done with just a few clicks.

Tutor replacement

We always find a suitable replacement in the shortest possible time.

Quality control

All tutors are vetted, checked, and trained to work on My eTalk platform in virtual classrooms.


All major payment methods are accepted.


All your data is 100% secure with us.


BEFORE 15 December, 2023 – 15% off

To secure the promo you need to pay non-refundable $200 CAD deposit. Pay in full by 15th of  January or on the sign-up date.

Prices & Promotions:

By weeks (1-10L/W), Near Native

tutors with fixed schedule

By 20-60 classes packages, Near Native

tutors with a flexible schedule

For the latest prices and fees, please check the prices here.

Sample topics for Tutoring

Support within the first semester

Introduction to Canadian Education Systems: An overview of Higher Education in Canada.

Academic Vocabulary and Terminology: Building a strong foundation of academic vocabulary and terminology commonly used in Canadian  educational institutions.

Academic Writing Skills: Developing essential writing skills, including essay structure, referencing, citation styles, and academic integrity.

Reading and Note-taking Strategies: Techniques for efficient reading comprehension and note-taking during lectures and academic texts.

Research and Information Literacy: Introduction to research skills, evaluating sources, using databases, and citing references in academic writing.

Presentations and Public Speaking: Developing confidence and effective strategies for delivering presentations and engaging in public speaking activities.

Group Work and Collaboration: Enhancing skills for collaborative projects, teamwork, and effective communication within diverse groups.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Cultivating critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate information, develop arguments, and solve academic problems.

Time Management and Study Skills: Strategies for effective time management, organization, and study techniques to optimize academic performance.

Cultural Awareness and Intercultural Communication: Developing cultural competence, understanding cultural differences, and effective communication in multicultural academic environments.

THESE TOPICS AIM to provide international students with the necessary language and academic skills to adapt to the education process in Canadian Higher institutions and succeed in their studies. By request we also assign tutor which can cover specific college subjects (math, science or others).