eTalk and PRNEWS.IO: Developing English Language Skills for Global Success

“At eTalk, we find great joy in discussing our clients and celebrating their stories and accomplishments. Their dedication and success often serve as inspiration for our team. Today, we’d like to spotlight an incredible client who has truly impressed us with their achievements.”


About PRNEWS.IO platform

The PRNEWS.IO content marketing platform team has been helping brands get published in the best media from around the world for 17 years. In the first years of work, it quickly overcame the stage of activity in the local format and focused on interaction with the central Ukrainian media, news platforms of the near abroad, Europe and the United States.


Strategic direction for PRNEWS.IO

Expansion into new media markets is a strategically important area for the PRNEWS.IO platform. That’s why working in the media or sales department requires at least an Intermediate level of English. The employee must be fluent in spoken and written English in order to successfully communicate with publishers and customers from other countries.


Shortage of skilled workers

During the active development of the platform and the increase in the volume of orders, there was a problem with the insufficient language level of applicants in their niche. At best, candidates had Pre-Intermediate, and sometimes even Elementary, instead of the required Intermediate level. This created a shortage of qualified workers.

Alexander Storozhuk, founder of the online service PRNEWS.IO, agrees that there is no word for “learn” in English. But it must be learned, constantly practiced and strengthened to a confident understanding, correspondence and speaking at a decent level. His own experience of language learning confirms: the result is possible only through immersion in the language environment. This vector became the main vector for finding a company that would help platform employees strengthen their English.


Choosing an online eTalk school

They chose eTalk, an online school, to solve their corporate task. The distant format and schedule of classes, the variability of training and the fact that each student is treated individually within the program approved by the company’s management were optimal. Training in eTalk is based on a communicative method with native speakers, which was and is the easiest and most effective way to improve English and “get people talking”. Thanks to this, after a few lessons the student begins to speak, reason in English, becomes more confident and sharpens his or her pronunciation.


Features of learning in eTalk

Training in eTalk is adjusted to the needs of the company and the specifics of its field of activity, both individual and group classes are held on the platform. This can be business English for top managers, business etiquette skills for meetups and business small talk for the sales department, etc. In this case the participant is constantly involved in the learning process, engaging in dialogue and speaking English in 20 out of 25 minutes of the lesson (if we are talking about an individual lesson, he/she speaks 35 minutes out of 50 minutes). The rest of the time goes to the explanation and consolidation of the passed material in a question-and-answer format. Nothing unnecessary, only practice.

Interacting with the platform is easy. It is enough to register, take a test, and leave an application for a trial (free) lesson. You can study at any time convenient for the student from anywhere in the world. All necessary materials are provided: homework, vocabulary for the lesson, grammatical exercises.


The benefits of corporate training with eTalk

For PRNEWS.IO, it is important that corporate classes take place during working hours. This helps students focus on their studies rather than household chores and immediately apply new skills in their work on the online platform, establishing effective English communication with publishers and clients.

In addition, working with the eTalk platform not directly for the PRNEWS.IO team has a number of advantages. Firstly, students are assigned a dedicated employee who provides comprehensive support for the educational process. Secondly, the school provides such a service as testing of potential employees for knowledge of English: this saves time and helps to make the right decision in hiring. Thirdly, reports on the progress of students are provided, which allows you to track the effectiveness in numbers, adjust the intensity and duration of corporate training.


Results of cooperation with eTalk

At this stage, the experience of PRNEWS cooperation with the online language school eTalk solves all the problems in both individual and group training of employees.

Thanks to the communicative method of teaching and working with Near Native and/or Native Speaker (an experienced certified teacher with fluent English or a teacher from an English-speaking country), the team has significantly increased their level of English. Now they can not only do their job better, but also communicate competently with journalists and promote the brand in a professional community far beyond Ukraine.

“The eTalk platform has helped us solve several problems simultaneously. First of all, the sales staff significantly improved their level of English and began to negotiate more effectively with clients. Soon it had a positive impact on the result of their work and increase of PRNEWS client base. Secondly, our top managers, including myself, worked individually with eTalk instructors.

After systematic lessons with a native speaker I began to feel more confident speaking at international forums, conferences, and television. Once I caught myself thinking that even the presenter’s Scottish English was not an obstacle for me to present the advantages of our service in the morning broadcast to which I was invited…”, shares the founder of the online service Alexander Storozhuk.